KSA Goes Nuclear and Renewable

The state news agency says:

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud issued today a royal order establishing “King Abdullah City for Nuclear and Renewable Energy” in accordance with its law. Former minister of commerce and Harvard-trained physicist Hashim Yamani will head the new organization.

I always believed that Saudi Arabia, as the world’s top oil exporter, should invest part of the wealth generated by its vast but finite natural resources to deal with the reality of living in the post-oil era. This is a step in the right direction.

Pump It

Do you need further evidence that there is way too many Saudi students in the US?

Though the commercial is not offending — not to me, anyway — I don’t think Saudis should be thrilled about it. The TV ad simply reinforces some of the most negative stereotypes about us.

UPDATE: There are two more commercials of the same campaign that you can find here.

Good Luck with That

Saudi Aramco is being sued for one million riyals. Not over their long time use of natural resources in the EP without considering the environmental consequences, and not over being a country within a country where the rules that govern the rest of Saudi Arabia do not necessarily apply, but over a dead animal. According to Saudi Gazette, Abdullah Al-Saiari is suing the giant oil company for causing the death of an alleged beauty contest female camel which died when she tripped into a big hole that Aramco had dug and filled it up with crude oil in a desert pasture land, 250 km west of Ahsa. 1m SR is probably nothing for a multi billion-dollars company like Aramco, but can a camel breeder win a case against the oil giant? The news item says the General Court in Khobar is looking into the case, but since Aramco is owned by the government, shouldn’t this case be brought into the Court of Grievances? Hmmm…

Sean Puffy Combs Plea for Oil

American rapper Sean Puffy Combs complains about the high cost of gasoline, and says he can no longer afford to fly his private jet from New York to Los Angeles twice a month. He is begging the Saudis to send him some free oil so that he can fly in his private jet once again. Sorry bro, you ain’t gonna get nothin’ from these shores, because, just in case you didn’t know, we ain’t got no oil wells in our backyards to give away for free. Like my friend Rasheed says: “A super-rich entertainer such as Puffy might get invited to perform at the private bash of a Saudi royal, but he sure isn’t going to get free oil, he can bet on that!”

Aramco’s Iron Lady

Here is a different face of Saudi Arabia, a face usually not seen:


Meet Nabilah al-Tunisi, aka the Iron Lady, the acting manager for projects, control and support, at Saudi Aramco. She has been recently put in charge of the engineering on a new $25 billion refinery and petrochemicals plant–the Ras Tanura Integrated Project.