KAUST Cinema, Janadriya Fashion

  • Ameena al-Jassim, a female fashion designer from the Eastern Province has been picked to design the wardrobe of this year’s Janadriya festival. She has designed 2000 pieces for all the dancers in the operetta, and now she is putting her last touches on the wardrobe for the annual aardah dance.
  • In typical Aramco compound-fashion, KAUST gets its own movie theater.
  • I have been following this photoblog for a while. Michael is a Swiss photographer who works with a publishing company in Jeddah, and he has been posting different pictures from the Kingdom. I have frequently linked to them on my link blog, but today I was dismayed to read that he removed a series of abaya pictures that he previously posted because he was afraid that his “association with KAUST could get the university in trouble.” I’m not a KAUST basher, but I’m a KAUST skeptic, and removing these pics only deepens my skepticism. UPDATE: I talked to Michael and he said he will repost the pictures.
  • Indonesian housemaids who want to come work in Saudi Arabia must take a Sharia crash course before they can come here. The course will include prophet’s teachings about black magic and the punishment of those who might use it, as well as some basic Arabic vocabulary. The Saudi government hope that such program would reduce the number of runaway maids who eventually get employed in the housemaids black market.