Cool thobes again, Aysha al-Kusayer interview

  • I have previously written about the cool thobes. BBC has done a short video piece about one of the designers behind the new trend.
  • Carol Fleming aka American Bedu has an interview with Saudi screenwriter Aysha al-Kusayer. Both are good friends of mine, and this interview is certainly worth reading.

Prayers for Carol

It is with great sadness that I share with you that my friend and fellow blogger Carol Fleming, aka American Bedu, has suffered the loss of her beloved husband Abdullah al-Ajroush after a long struggle with lukemia. I met Abdullah at his house in Riyadh a few years ago and he was very kind and warm. He was a real gentelman. May he rests in peace.

Carol will contniue her own battle with cancer, as she still has about two months left of her own treatment program. Please keep her in your prayers.