Calling all Mac software junkies out there: I’m lo…

Calling all Mac software junkies out there: I’m looking for a free/open source download manager to handle downloads on my brand new MacBook. During my Windows days I used FDM, and it was one of the apps that I couldn’t live without, but unfortunately they don’t offer a Mac version. All suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Calling all Mac software junkies out there: I’m lo…

  1. Unfortunately iGetter is neither Open Source nor free.
    I just found “wgetCocoa X” and “SimpleWget” which are both free, but not open source I guess, I’m not sure.

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  3. Via, I just today heard about a Firefox extension called Down Them All which sounds like it may work for you. (Assuming you use Firefox?)

    I’ve been lurking on your blog a few times. I found it via Ethan Zuckermann’s “My Heart’s in Accra.” It’s–I’m not sure what word I want–but it makes me feel happy to know that there are goodhearted, intelligent people everywhere. Keep writing!

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